Hello! My name is Klay Arsenault, I'm an artist living and working in Portland Oregon.

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For many years I have been creating art in different genres. My work is often soft sculpture, plush toys, collage, painting, and illustration, both traditional and digital. My style is colorful and detailed. I love textures and patterns and how light can sculpt a drawing and make it bounce off the page. 
Notably, I was commissioned to design and create over 250 plush lampreys for an interactive portion of The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s (OMSI) Roots of Wisdom exhibit. The process spanned over two years for design, prototype and creation of the lampreys. The Roots of Wisdom exhibit is in partnership with the National Science
Foundation (NSF) and will be traveling the country until 2024.
When I am not making art, I spend my time volunteering in my son’s school, supporting the teachers in the classrooms and the community garden. Most recently, I helped the 6th and 7th graders complete a school mural project. As a member of our school’s PTA, I attend community and school board meetings advocating equity and diversity in our schools.
I have taught classes in our after school program SUN (School Uniting Neighborhoods) on different subjects. Most recently, I taught a class about advocacy, neighborhood awareness and how to write letters to your state and federal representatives. I attend meetings and marches that support affordable housing and diversity in my community and am a member of my neighborhood language exchange Intercambio de Cully / Cully Language Exchange! I am also an active advocate for the organization Oregon Walks,
helping to improve pedestrian safety in my neighborhood through community outreach. I am also a proud member of the Oregon chapter of SCBWI.

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I worked several shifts a week in an art gallery called Tiny Llama until it closed last year. There, I came into contact with locals and visitors interested in Portland's rich art scene.

My work has been exhibited/sold at Tiny Llama, several shops around Portland and at Portland's well-attended Crafty Wonderland Craft Market.

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Please contact me if you are interested in commissions or collaborations. I look forward to hearing from you.

email: klayarsenault@gmail.com

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